Digital Printing

  • Unlike your desktop printer at home, which uses RGB colors, our digital printers use CMYK colors to provide you with a similar quality to the offset printing for smaller quantities. With our digital printers you can even choose to print one single block note or business card, or several that are individually personalized. We use a Rico digital printing machine which uses Heidelberg’s digital printing operating system to provide you with the highest quality possible in digital printing.

Offset Printing

  • Offset printing is the main type of printing used in commercial printing jobs, it uses a completely different mechanism of printing than digital printing. In digital printing, the ink is sprayed onto the paper, whereas in offset printing the CMYK colors are individually pressed on the paper; giving you better overall quality and higher control over the exact colors. Offset printing also has the capability to print bigger quantities in less time than digital printing. In offset printing, we only use Heidelberg printing machines to ensure that you receive the best printing quality.