• We provide three different types of lamination; cellophane, varnish, and UV. The cellophane lamination applies an ultrathin layer of either glossy or matte cellophane to your product. The varnishing lamination applies a layer of printed varnish onto your product to create either a glossy or matte finish to your product. UV lamination uses UV light to dry the product after applying UV varnish to it, to make it extra shiny.



  • Our die-cutting service allows you to shape your product in whichever way you’d like, our die-cutting machine essentially cuts the paper to fit the form that you would like it to look like.


  • Our folding machines ensure that when your product needs folding, that it is folded perfectly in the exact same spot every single time to eliminate human error in folding.

Saddle Stitching

  • The saddle stitching service staples your brochures, magazines, or other products together using staples situated in a position to ensure that the product does not fall apart.

Spiral Wiring

  • Spiral wiring binds your notebooks, pyramid calendars, or other products using a coated metal wiring to keep the papers in place and allow you to easily flip the pages of your product

Perfect Binding (Sewing and Gluing)

  • Our perfect binding machines ensure that your books, magazines, catalogues, and year planners are perfectly bound by glue or sewing technology